International Presentation of Performers- HOLLYWOOD

IPOP is an opportunity to accelerate your career in the entertainment industry. What an artist may achieve over five years, can be accomplished in one week at IPOP! 

IPOP is a five day talent convention hosted in Hollywood biannually.  

This is a platform for selected models, actors, singers and dancers from across South Africa to take their talent international and build an international career in the arts. 

Throughout the five days, artists attend celebrity workshops and these industry professionals really fine tune them. It is also common for IPOP to have 50 -150 international agents, which talent could never meet otherwise, and in the space of one week. This is one of the most exhilarating experiences for an artist and certainly the most powerful step in any performers career. 

There are success stories into the hundreds of which are celebrities today. We will share these success stories along with many of our own South African successes, on our audition day.

DMH Talent Agency hosts biannual auditions every February and August in the below cities: 

Port Elizabeth 



Cape Town

Windhoek- Namibia 

For audition details email:

Email subject: IPOP and (your city)



Odette Rossouw- Mother of Lenay Rossouw

Firstly I would like to thank Tanielle and her team for giving us the opportunity to attend IPOP in July 2019 – Los Angeles.

What a rollercoaster ride it was, from the first audition my daughter Lenay Rossouw attended in Johannesburg, waiting for the callback and then the road to Los Angeles.


Firstly if you are chosen to go to IPOP – do it! Yes it costs money and people will tell you that it’s a scam… but truly it’s not.


Tanielle helped through the whole process, thank you for the additional training that was provided for the kids in total 6 weeks with international actors / directors.

The Professional photo’s that were taken for the portfolio’s. Our kids were truly one step ahead of the rest.


What a week in Los Angeles, the kids and parents learned a lot, there were tears, laughter and proud moments. It was great to be surrounded with kids all over the world with the same ambitions and goals.

We made some awesome friends.

Lenay had 16 callbacks and we had the opportunity to meet agents and directors all of the world.


We are now one step closer in making her dreams come true!

None of us wanted to leave at the end of the week 

Los Angeles was a dream, as the kids said they came together as strangers, but we left at the end of the week as family. 

IPOP Rocks

Sandi Traut- Mother to Tristan O’Kennedy

Dear Tanielle 

Firstly, I want to thank you for giving Tristan this opportunity, it was an incredible journey.

And for the support you gave both of us during iPoP – you feel like family xx


Tristan has told me that from the time he came for the audition in August 2018 to going to iPoP in July 2019 he has changed and evolved as an artist.

He said that the deadline of iPoP motivated him and gave him a goal to work towards.


We both found iPoP fantastic, everything that was promised was delivered.

What a well-run efficient event.

The Millennium Biltmore was a great hotel not only for sleeping but the venues for each boot-camp and audition were great!

The gala event was fantastic – especially the Fashion Show.

How proud we were to get 16 Awards 😊


I am so glad that I decided to travel with Tristan, to be able to support him during iPoP.  Berenice and Odette felt the same way, and I would definitely encourage other parents to find the money to go with their children.

Tristan has already received some interest from:

Maria Whatley (Global Image Talent):  loved two of his songs (Sweet Company and Redbone) which she wants to present to Universal Records but needs music videos, which may need to be done in LA or a possibility to be done in SA.

John Degrazio (Watersound Entertainment):  said Tristan is very talented and interested to chat to him – they having a Skype Call on Wed 31 July

We both feel so blessed that we took this journey and we are excited to see what unfolds.

We are happy to attend the iPoP Auditions in August and speak to the artists & parents about our experience.

Looking forward to seeing you again « 

Love & Hugs

Sandi xx

Keanan Swart- iPOP Alumni

DMH Model Agency is one of the biggest Agencies in South Africa that really had a huge impact in my current successes and contributed to where I am today. The agency sees and acknowledges the raw talent of each and every individual that they work with and enables every individual to further explore the own depth of their talent. 


I started working with DMH last year August. I have to say that it was the agency that afforded me the opportunity to attend a convention and it was there that a record label found an interest in me and decided to sign me. I am now currently stationed in America and I have been here for the last 6 months. 

I came into contact with the owner of DMH Model Agency, Tanielle Ladwig, and I can say with great pleasure and all honesty that she is a honest person and very hard working. She ensures that she makes a success not only of her company but also with the talent that she works with. 

I can vouch and say with all certainty that every dime that is invested through DMH is worth it. The talent of the individual comes first and foremost. 

I can personally say that since I started working with the agency, doors began to open, doors which I thought was impossible.Yes, there are a lot of different agencies, but I can say wholeheartedly and with the utmost honesty and sincerity that DMH Model Agency is truly worth it. 

Keanan Swartz


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