DMH Talent Agency



DMH Talent Agency is a casting agency, providing performers with the opportunity to cast for various Netflix series, TV commercials, theatre productions and more! In order to be considered for any casting opportunities, you have to be officially signed to the agency.


We supply promoters and brand ambassadors based in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Portfolio Assemble

We will assist you in starting, assembling and building your portfolio.

International Conventions

DMH Talent Agency is the IPOP! (International Presentation of Performers) representative throughout South Africa.
IPOP! is hosted in Hollywood biannually and is a platform for models and talent wanting to break into international markets.
Selected talent will have the opportunity perform in front of, be scouted by, and meet with global entertainment icons. Auditions are held throughout South Africa twice a year.

DMH Training Academy:

R3680 (Excl. VAT) - Full course

It is naïve to think that a performer will book every job they audition for. 

Formal training is a requirement to ensure we uphold the standard of performers within DMH Talent Agency. We have built a course geared towards creating confident, educated and versatile performers. 

The online training program is hosted on two selected Thursdays in a month for the duration of five months. 

Your training course consists of a number of modules from acting, dancing, modelling, casting and brand management. All facilitators are qualified and experienced to ensure you are prepared for any casting that may arise thereafter. 

As our training course is hosted online, performers from any city may join us!

DMH Portfolio Setup:

R4200 (Excl. VAT) - Shoot & Portfolio Setup

A professional portfolio is an investment into your career as a performer. The better your photographs, the higher your chance is of being noticed.

DMH Talent Agency has photographers set up in a number of cities around South Africa who are ready to assist you with your portfolio shoot.

DMH Talent Agency then assembles and provides you with a portfolio book that is sent to you along with your Z cards which may be required for a number of castings.